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Troop Parachutes
ARZ 696
Tactical Assault Parachute for Low Altitude mass Drops.

The ARZ 696 tactical assault parachute is the main component of the individual parachute assembly developed according to the specifications of the French Army to perform mass drops at low altitude.
Advanced Tactical Assault Parachute with controlled Landing capacity.

The ARZ MI tactical assault parachute increases load carrying capacity up to 165 kg and controlled landing ability. Adopted by the French MOD and many other armies worldwide, the ARZ MI is fully adapted to a modern operational environment.
ARZ 511
Reserve Parachute

Security (Deployment Activation Device) and Operational capacity (160 kg) make the reserve parachute ARZ 511 incontrovertible. ARZ 511 assets: Low rate of descent, Simplified activation, Rapid Deployment, Enhanced Reliability.
Advanced Combat Parachute System

The ARZ SYSTEM has been developed in accordance with the French new tactical assault parachute specification. Designed to allow mass drops at low altitude and 165 kg, the security is increased with the controlled landing capacity (rotations and selected drive) and the collapse resistance.
ARZ Kit bags & Weapon Cases (EL 32, EL 33, EL 34)
Essential when weapons and combat pack are too bulcky before landing, these equipments have been designed to increase the parachutist safety at any time by securing firmly the pack and weapon close to his body and allowing jumps from all levels, particularly low heights owing the previous lowering of the load.
Tactical Parachutes
The Military Solo System of Aerazur offers a full compatibility with a large range of reserve and main canopies.

With five easily convertible deployment methods, the Legend M can support several mission environments from basic training to tactical applications. Its background and its demonstrated reliability make the Legend M the logical answer to military requirements.
The G9 HAHO HALO system designed by Aerazur R&D department and military experts, has been approved by the French Ministry of Defense.

Developed to provide the Rapid Deployment Forces with a parachute system capable of increasing stand off capacities with enhanced safety and easier handling, the G9 is in use in many countries worldwide.
Multi Mission System Series 350, 380, 420, 533
The First HAHO HALO System in the world designed to offer a complete versatility for military applications; the MMS has been copied by everyone but never surpassed.

Constant improvements have allowed to propose today, a complete range of equipments capable to fit any type of training and tactical requirements. The MMS Series, with 3 different sizes of harness container fully compatible with a large range of main and reserve canopies has become the reference for Special Operations Forces worldwide.
ARZ Jettison Individual Bag EL 20 E & EL 56
The EL 20 (60 kg) and EL 56 (50 kg) jettison individual bags are in service with the French Airborne forces and with those of several other countries. They are characterized by an easy and simple use, their increased safety and their compatibility with most of the military parachutes in the world.
Emergency Parachutes
Emergency Back Parachute

Gliders, acrobatics, light aviation or transport, the Flexpack and its hemispheric 512 canopy can be found in all the civilian and military aircrafts in the world. Dimensions, comfort and durability are its strengths.
357 UPL
Emergency Back Parachute

The emergency back parachute 357 UP is designed for the pilots and crews of aircraft without ejection seats. It is an extra flat back parachute very easy to adapt to the type of aircraft and the user's mission as well as being easy to adjust accurately. Although the ARZ 357 is equipped with a purely manual ripcord, it may includes a chronobarometric release ripcord handle while allowing manual control as well. The parachute canopy is designed to open rapidly with an acceptable deceleration and to allow the user to perform elementary steering actions when approaching the ground to avoid obstacles.