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Tyron R4

Our lightweight alloy R4 with beadlock and built-in rubber runflat system creates a NEW standard for security and safety in armoured vehicles.

Introducing the unique R4 Heavy Duty wheel for armoured cars, 4 x 4 and cash carrying vehicles. This super strong alloy wheel, with a load rating of 1600Kg incorporates an ingenious beadlock design. This makes installation of the runflat safer and changing tyres can be easily carried out without the risk of damaging the tyre bead... ...unlike other runflat systems!


Inside our new R4 wheel sits the world’s ONLY bullet proof, multi-piece rubber with steel re-inforcement runflat. Invented by Tyron, it creates a double beadlock with the R4 wheel so it will outperform ALL other runflat systems.

The Finabel standard asks for 30 miles with 2 flat tyres.....but we exceeded it with ALL 4 TYRES FLAT