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Introducing the world’s first bulletproof two and three-piece steel re-inforced rubber Runflat system for all terrain vehicles. Its unique, flexible characteristics outperform the alternatives in both distance and durability.

Each extended runflat system is designed with unique elements dependent on the application and performance requirements of the customer.

“Recent experiments at the Nevada Automotive Test Center (NATC) have shown that run-flat inserts currently used on HMMWVs in Iraq last for only 7.5 miles at 30 mph at 3850 pounds of load per wheel”.

Inside our new R4 wheel sits the world’s ONLY bullet proof, multi-piece rubber with steel re-inforcement runflat. Invented by Tyron, it creates a double beadlock with the R4 wheel so it will outperform ALL other runflat systems.

The Finabel standard asks for 30 miles with 2 flat tyres.....but we exceeded it with ALL 4 TYRES FLAT