DNV Digital Night Vision
The revolution in night vision technology: the combination of most leading photo sensitive sensors in combination with high sophisticated SW algorithms and real time computing results in a light weight, low volume night vision device family.

We are a Paulson re-seller

Select the Digital Night Vision Device:
  • The Full Versions with computer supported interfaces for video input and output, text messaging, etc.
  • The Slim Versions without computer and interfaces (PMx-Types)

Select the Objective Lens System:
  • 1:1 - for close combat or in-house operations, natural size and distance perception, large field of view (43)
  • 2:1 - for observation purposes, improved light compilation (16)
  • 0,8:1 - for close combat or in-house operations, best screen overview through large angle of view (56)
  • Futher objective lens systems with external cam! Pls. contact Paulson International for configuration details.

Select the Ocular Adjustment Method (Diopter Adaptation, Eye Axes Adaptation):
  • Hidden Adjustment Screws: Adjustment requires tool but prevents settings to be changed unintentionally - ideal for combat.
  • Adjustment Wheels: Easy adjustment also when wearing gloves.