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Delta Five

Exclusive to GH Armor Systems, the DELTA FIVE™ modular tactical body armor system offers a supreme combination of coverage, mobility and configurability for tactical units.

Side-entry configuration with an integrated quick release enables the wearer to remove the DELTA FIVE™ in under five seconds. Separate medical release capabilities allow the system to be quickly opened or removed for treatment and easily reassembled for emergency transport.

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The DELTA FIVE™ can be equipped with any of the GH Armor Level IIIA ballistic packages and accepts front and back hard armor plates for added protection. Equipped with a universal MOLLE™ attachment system, the DELTA FIVE™ is compatible with all modern equipment and is adjustable at the waist and shoulders for increased comfort and fit. The DELTA FIVE™ is a complete ballistic protective solution for the most extreme conditions and demanding tactical teams.

The DELTA FIVE™ can be configured with:
  • Ballistic protection to the lower arm, upper leg and lower leg areas;
  • Level IIIA ballistic protection and enhanced fragmentation protection to the neck, throat upper torso groin, buttock and upper arm;
  • Accepts 10"x12" NIJ Level III and IV hard armor plates for added protection to the most vital regions;
  • Optional Spike protection to the upper torso.

The entire modular system is designed to ensure maximum protection coverage while maintaining physical comfort and user mobility.