Personal Armored Protection

Bison Vest provides bullet-proof armored vests of any configuration and for any purpose for organizations or individual use. But we are not limited to just bullet-proof vests. We also provide composite bullet-proof helments, steel or titanium anti-shrapnel blankets, and armored boxes and containers. Depending on your needs, we can provide you with any kind of vest from any firm, such as products manufactured in Russia, the United States, France, and other countries.
By using para-aramid fabrics such as Twaron, Kevlar, and Dyneema, and by using modern composite materials, such as ceramics, armored steel, and titanium alloys, Bison Vest can create products for optimal protection.

The use of personal armored protection from weapons is becoming wide-spread, and our firm only works with products which correspond to standard, are certified, and have gone through rigorous testing.

Our products provide protecton from the bullet wounds of hand guns and large-caliber weapons of all types, as well as from hunting rifles fired from any distance. Our armored protection system will protect individual from attacks by automatic weapons such as AKM's, AK-74's, and SVD rifles with bullets having thermal-hardened cores.

Bison Vest uses only the latest technologies and techniques developed for personal defense. We also provide our clients with fully-qualified consulting on choosing the products which best suit their needs. Our firm also provides the armoring of fixed objects such as doors, walls, and windows from weapons and shrapnel.

Bison Vest provides you with the very best protection at the most reasonable prices.