Tac-AK Gloves
We are a 5.11 Tactical re-seller

The 5.11 Tac-AK Gloves are an all around patrol glove at a great price. These Tac-AK Gloves have the 5.11 Tactical Series® trademark TacticalTouch™ construction system for maximum dexterity. TacticalTouch™ is our method of design and construction for the 5.11 Tactical gloves line. A solid piece of leather forms the palm and underside of the fingers, and wraps up and over the fingertip, leaving the pad of your finger free of seams for maximum dexterity. The Tac-AK Gloves features a pull tab along with a hook and loop Velcro® closure at the wrists. With leather grip pads, your palms and fingertips will be protected from injury. The natural cow leather palm and gussets keep your hands comfortable, warm and dry. Kevlar® has been added to provide extra protection from cuts and scratches to the back of your hand. All of our Tac-AK Gloves have been designed by Jeff Gonzales, a highly-decorated and respected 12-year veteran of the U.S. Navy Seals.

Tac-AK Gloves Description:
  • Kevlar® and leather construction
  • Natural cow leather palm and gussets allowing
  • Leather grip pads
  • Pull tabs
  • Hook and loop closure at the wrists
  • TacticalTouch™ for maximum dexterity

The Tac-AK Gloves are value priced and combines all of our trademark construction features which make our tactical gloves so comfortable and durable. You’ll love these Tac-AK Gloves for both patrol and off duty use.